Its mission is to actively promote the standardization of CSSD techniques and practices through continuing education, training, research and publication, in collaboration with other healthcare partners and stakeholders.


Its vision is to be the lead organization in advocating the highest quality CSSD standards and practices among healthcare facilities in the Philippines.

Mission Statement

The mission of PACSSM is to build a network of Central Service Specialist for the promotion of better quality services to customers through:
  1. The promotion oand protection of health and welfare of customers and healthcare workers through adherence to standards of professional practice.

  2. The formulation, development and implementation of techniques and standards of practice.

  3. The promotion of exchange of ideas among hospital Central Service Departments.

  4. The conduction of continuing education programs to enhance professional and personal growth of all CSS personnel.

  5. The promotion and dissemination of knowledge and information concerning techniques and operations in hospital Central Services.

  6. The assistance and conduction of research programs in hospital Central Service methods and practices. 

  7. The formation of a collective representation to suppliers/manufacturers and other institutions to ensure the safe and best quality medical-surgical supplies and equipment.

  8. The participation in various multidisciplinary programs related to hospital Central Service functions. 

  9. Publishing newsletters, booklets, articles, and other educational materials related to Central Service.